Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Firstly as always thank you for your support my Google friends , I have read over my last blog and to be more than honest with you all it was full of mistakes and worded very poorly ,but I hope my sence of disbelief and heart felt  upset was felt. We have come such along way in the last couple of weeks as a family this  situation has given us time to heal talk openly and with understanding. My son coming back to me and rejoining the family has taught me to prioritise and examan what is important to us and how we live.my son kept his pain away from me and lived a life of hell because of it ,  I as a mum and me Angela and what I believe in have done a lot of asking angels and spirit for not just answers to question but an  execptence and now a way forward .  so the important things to us is honesty and love , not what car I drive or clothes I ware its  its nice to have pretties but what we need in our lives and what we want very very different . this is not to deni but to appreciate the building blocks because you can't build if your foundations are not soild. I have taken the time to connect with the angels again this week after feeling well a sence of almost anger  WHY didn't the angels tell me warn me what was happening I give readings to many people I have had some beautiful and true readings for people , so the answer is once again as painful as it is for me, my son was ment to have this life lesson it was his and his alone .you see no one can live your life have your lessons because we are all so different with different needs so good or bad each lesson is needed not only for now but for future events in this life and the next we are all on a spiritual journey of understanding and I still have a lot to learn but that's OK trust your jounery my friends its for a reason , blessings my friends have a good week and thank you xxxxx

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I just broke down

Firstly and once again thank you for taking the time to read my blogs for the likes shares and lovely comments I have been receiving. I have to be honest and say I just don't know where to start this week my life has been turned truly upside. 3 years ago my second son william went to live with his father and older brother . For sometime I thought all was ok, then a few weeks ago I started getting phone calls from William , he was not happy and feeling very depressed, as much as I tried I could not get William to open up to me , but through a mothers instinct and help from the angels I knew just knew something dreadful was going on . On Friday morning my son william came back into my life nothing and I truly mean nothing could prepare me for what was happening next, the boy that stood in front of me what is a complete shadow he look drawn pile dirty clothes all we had in the world in one rucksack no money no self-respect as I gave him a cuddle he went then it hit me in the bottom of my stomach and saw the bruises. We sat and talked and my boy broke down and told me what has been happening in his life in the last year. My eldest son had been systematically beating my second eldest he was covered in bruises 6 foot tall and weigh in no more than 8 stone 12 pounds my world was shattered I couldn't understand how he could do that to his own brother but I also couldn't understand how William let him was so passive to the violence I was heartbroken speechless stoned still struggling to come to terms on a Sunday afternoon with what on earth is going on my head and heart.  William and I talked all weekend crying cuddling now he's back in the safety of his mother's home with his little brother and 2 little sisters I know that she will need love time understanding and confidence building but I know that we will get there I have told him and ask him to remember it'll with Mum connecting with the angels and asking archangel Michael to come back into his life. So now I need to address my eldest son's actions 23 years old 6 foot 4 is seemingly intelligent man who has decided to beat abuse belittle his brother when all his brother wanted to do was look up to his Big Brother. But I am taking comfort in the fact that he's home safe and well and now we move on, my friends I am not telling this story to you for sympathy or pity but this has made me realise the world can be a dark place if we choose to turn a blind eye and accept other people's violence negativity we say it's ok your actions are tolerated but they're not know can it ever be, I also need for myself to come to terms with this to get rid of the negative energy I'm feeling to believe in, and to believe the universe will understand my pain and I will give my pain to the universe because I don't know how else has a mother to cope, I wanted to write a blog about different situations we come across and how we can all see them differently this is one of those cases Fraser believe he's just in his actions but it can never be tolerated never turn a blind eye to any violence sibling husband wife, well my Google family I will look positively into the forthcoming weeks where we will mend our hearts I know I normally draw a card but this week I haven't no will I pretend fantastic spiritual things have happened when they haven't I always swore I would never make up an angel hospital to story just to sell so I sign off but I will give you my love my blessings and hope you all have the best week ever thank you

Monday, 12 October 2015

The hardest thing is tolerance

Firstly thank you friends for your support for the likes and shares thank you for taking the time to read these blogs. Well it's been another busy week again my 3 year old has tonsillitis many doctors visits and my 10 year old has open evenings so a very busy week, but I am so proud of the way we have all pulled together this week. I have finally learnt how to use Twitter this week after many failed attempts and I'm enjoying a new found audience so many many thanks. When I look around there are so many beautiful different people from what people choose to wear to the colour of their skin the language they speak and what they believe in , we are all so different in so so many ways so why do we find it so hard to tolerate each other to see only difference instead of beauty, to see the negative instead of finding out the positive, too close yourself off through being intolerant you deny yourself so many experiences and so many important life lessons we need on a spiritual journey in this time.  Angels do not have a preference or really mind if your hair is bright pink they will guide and protect and love no matter what that's a job and their purpose , it's not that I am seeing the world we live in through rose coloured glasses but I choose to Seize a good rather than the bad I choose to find a positive in so many negative situations and why do I do this because I choose to be happy I choose to listen to the advice given to me by my angels. As I have said so many  x I do believe we can all talk to Angels and spirits we just forgot how to tuning it's a tool we do not need in this day in age but perhaps we really should go back to basics. I know so many spiritually aware people with physical illnesses or disabilities sometimes it feels like the world we live in is moving too fast and we are just playing catch-up and it leaves us exhausted physically emotionally and spiritually drained to find a positive and a negative to give yourself happiness to be a little more tolerant will only be good for yourself and feed your soul so now it's time to  pulla card and to see what's in   store thisweek  i am using archangel Michael as he has been very close this week and I feel that is because my daughter has been quite poorly the card I have pulled is eternal how to find someone that partnership that love that trust is very special and must be protected when two people are drawn together and they walk the same spiritual path meant to be eternal love special just the same as Eternal Flame eternal twin Sam find it easy find others like myself after I have a few goes before we find that special someone, but eternal love and trust used to be protected blessings to you all my friends and I hope this week brings you joy and happiness

Monday, 5 October 2015

Fear sells

Hello friends I haven't blogged in a little while , I've had some very testing weeks with my health and life but all back to kinda normal now , thank you again for taking the time to read and share I feel we are all so very busy lately with so many things happening and the energy has been very intense and heavy. So taking time for ourselves has taken a back seat so don't forget to recharge take time for yourself do some you enjoy I don't have a lot of time so my time out is standing in the garden in the morning just breathing in the day then its mum and I am back to auto pilot 😊 .there is alot of negative thinking at the moment and well what can I do to change anything , way of thinking . we a bombarded with so much fear though the press , media ,social sites  that soon we start to look at things in a disproportionate way and why because fear sells , fear sells millions and millions there isn't alot of mileage in a good news story it's over and done with but a negative story with distress can be drawn out for days and the knock on affect of books , films interviews all reinforcing the fear the doubt we have  .. There are millions  of acts of love and kindness that go on daily and just because its not headlines it doesn't mean its not happening each act of kindness will bring another so we can all make changes for the better , my pappy was in prisoner of war camp in the war and all they had was each other and the acts of bravery and kindness yes fear sells but love is stronger . so I have drawn a card for us all they are from messages from your angels. The card is children and the angels are speaking as I am typing this has never happened before so I'm just going with this. What are our children watching they are becoming desensitised to early its to much to young the are precious and innocent and don't need the burdens of man   thank you angels x. So thank you friends for reading my rant 😊 please all have a good week with peace love and light xxx

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Once again thank you friends for the support you all have given me I truly appreciate it so thank you , well have had many weird and wonderful things this week but every one awake at 3.30 in the morning and my husband having his legs touched and woken up again when we are all in mums bed because of two little girls with nightmares then me having the most horrible dreams myself it's never dull in my house so all rooms have been saged and angel protection brought in , let's see how tonight goes . I have been reading alot about spiritual awakening and the experiences people go through  , physically , emotionally , and so many different levels one has to experience. I believe just asking the first question is an awaking just the seeds of thinking in a different way being prepared to open your heart and mind I say this because my husband has come so far he was a man's man not believing in anything but beer and football the first time he saw me connect with spirit it was his late father Ray , my husband was a little more than shocked to say the lest and I was nervous for him , but little by little over many years my husband has asked questions and taken things at his speed. So any awakening how ever it happens is only a good thing for so many people , because the world we live in will only start to change when more and more people awaken to a new way of thinking and working , living and respecting one another regardless of belief we come into this world with nothing we are taught everything so question everything respect all and learn lots have love. and laughter if you don't feel comfortable in this time this world be true to self and live with light always , as ever I have done a small reading  for us all  and I have used ascended masters, I draw the Fertility card , nurturing yourself and your environment giving back to the earth as she turns the seasons giving your self time to heal and receive feed mind and body with goodness xx well thank you again my dear friends and have a lovely week blessings to you all may angels give love and protection xx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Thank you !

Thank you for the love my friends the comments , shares and likes as always I am humbled and blessed thank you ,    well I've had a situation on my mind for many weeks and have asked for angel help but was unsure as to why nothing was happening , you see me and my little sister had a disagreement 6 years ago now and we were so very close she wanted time away from me and I respected that she has a very material life style , but due to blogging and more and more angel and spiritual experiences I felt the need to contact my sister again I asked angels spirit and universal energies to guide and help. Then out shopping yesterday I bump straight into her well we both looked like a pair of gold fish mouths open nothing coming out when I blurted you look fabulous and well and I can't ignore you , your my sister she smiled and said its fine you look well then walked away I was so happy I had seen her but so sad I wanted to hold her tell her I love you your my little sister , but I know now after asking again for help a new bump meeting is soon , but for anyone who douts what you put out into this universe of energy you will get back not always what you thought but what you need for your journey so thank you even though the meeting was to brief I still saw she was OK  went back to read a great book this week and one that's truly helped me alot  Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro  for those of us that are body sensitive to spiritual and emotional messages and experience's give it a read this lady explains more eloquently than I about what our physical bodies go through and how to read them in  context with our spiritual state and understanding  as a doctor once said to me look at you you don't look like theirs anything wrong with you   I hope this book helps some of you the way it has me . I have had a busy week this week kids starting back at school and playgroup and the youngest due to start this week I don't seem to find any time  to meditate or ask if their are any spirits that want to talk but my guardian angel steps in and tells me as I was hovering under the kitchen table  its OK we know   sometimes me Angela feels guilty if I am not helping  so this week I have chosen oracle cards for our reading  and the card is be honest with yourself sometimes changes are had and we not only put them off but brush them aside as to our feelings and wishes to be happy we must be true to what we need or believe pretending to be something your not or in a unhappy situation will only breed negative thoughts so be strong angels are with you ask for help , guidance and I will always help to blessings my friends autumn is her  the colours are beautiful enjoy have a lovely week xx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

To much to fast

Again my friends thank you for reading and taking the time to comment and share it means so very much. Xx. I would like to tell you all something that happened on Saturday morning, we have been going through a tough time with our two year old she is so very fret full she finds this world to much she only sleeps about 2or3 hours a night and on Saturday morning I was so tired and feeling very tearful and worried about her up coming appointment on Tuesday when a breeze came behind me every hair and my body just shivered and as I felt a cuddle in my minds eye was my pappy he passed when I was only 17 years old and in truth I've near come to terms with it , he passed on holiday on his own away from us so sudden , I know he come to give me love and the feeling was so strong so clear I just lost it  but so glad it happened not a day goes by when I don't miss  my pappy (her we go again crying lol ) . I would like to talk about something I've not only noticed but was given when I was watching the t.v the other night so many of us are sensitive picking up on feelings , changes in peoples auras and smells now alot of these people have illnesses you can't see but are very, very really such as fibromyalgia, now all these conditions get worse through stress. We have in our brain a small walnut shaped gland that gives us all those chemical changes needed for the very basic Fight or Flight now this was great when we needed to run from a sabre tooth tiger but not so much use now but our bodies still produce all these chemicals but in truth I think they are to much for our bodies and we can't get rid of them so these chemicals our bodies produce sit in our system almost poisoning us  because we cannot get rid of them they just build up causing everything from bowel problems to pain now  all of us sensitive people have a strong urge for nature and a simple clean life we our not in time with this world the rate our bodies have changed and the world we live in is not in sync with each other its all to much to soon there is no balance we are all out of balance I say all this because I have fibromyalgia , hypermobility and Raynaud's phenomenon so I do understand the daily battle so many sensitive people go through  and why the angels are with me I don't feel I belong in this time but a new time I can't really explain it just as I bet nor can you x so its come to card time  and we are back with the ascended masters cards  and the card is detach from drama now this card has been  drawn a few times know and the message is don't give your self stress leave others to fight and stress give yourself space and time to be  and always be true to your beliefs no matter what they are  have a week full of blessings friends and thank you xx